REPRESENTA is a firm dedicated to the provision of instrumental support, resulting from the process of high specialisation of a group of lawyers and professionals, knowledgeable of the needs and risks which arise in the normal activity of lawyers, economists, and other professionals in general.

Notwithstanding its origins, REPRESENTA does not operate like a normal law firm, neither is it a business consultancy. REPRESENTA is a firm of professionals directed at other professionals. Our main purpose is to externalise contingencies, to assume liabilities and professional risks, and to free our clients from charges and red-tape difficulties, so that they can work knowing that their needs are being met by professionals worthy of their trust.

Our main clients are professional firms, lawyers, advisors, accountants, or auditors, as well as national and foreign corporations (and even individuals, in the event that they wish to appoint a tax representative).

We collaborate with them from several perspectives:

At REPRESENTA we have a clear premise: we never compete with our clients nor  with the firms who refer clients to us, we avoid conflicts of interest and we never take advantage of our position or technical knowledge to take matters away from those collaborating with us.

We act with transparency and at all times respect the laws in force and professional practice rules. This is another of the essential principles which govern our client admittance policy and our activities.

We have an excellent team of professionals and support staff, trained in the best law and business schools, and who have wide experience acquired in law firms of the first rank. Our specialisation in several areas of business law allows us to understand your needs as well as to offer a high quality service.

We have quick response mechanisms to satisfy your immediate needs, particularly those who have an international profile, as the representation of non-residents has always been a substantial part of our activities.

The will of the professionals involved in REPRESENTA is not to expand without limits but to provide our clients and their advisors with maximum legal comfort and a high quality professional service.