Our values

Vocation, Quality and Rigour

Only dedication, demanding a good result from ourselves and an in-depth analysis of each situation may guarantee the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of our clients, their advisors and our personal aspirations, guaranteeing in turn the best result for the client.

Trust, loyalty and a personal touch

Setting up lasting links between clients and our professionals are part of our principles. Transparency, commitment and cordiality are the bases on which we wish to succeed.

Efficiency, capacity of response and assistance to the client

Immediacy, experience and full availability are our features. We are familiar with the promptness and urgencies of large transactions and furthermore, all the know-how acquired in our experience is at the disposal of our clients and advisors for their peace of mind.

Independence, professional secrecy, honesty and compliance with professional rules

In all we do, we guarantee that no conflicts of interest shall arise and we avoid competing with our clients or their advisors. The activities we carry out shall always respect the law, the lawyers’ professional rules and the firm’s code of conduct, which we base our client admittance policy on and which are the principles we take into account in our daily activity.

Innovation, diversity and international projection

We provide unique services, of high value from a practical as well as from a reputation point of view, and we interact with all types of firms. Our wide range of clients puts us at the forefront of each of the matters we deal with, and which allows us to affirm that we are specialists in international matters.