Internal set-up

The professionals of REPRESENTA are at all times supported by highly qualified support staff which completes the organisational structure of the firm in aspects of human resources, finances, client follow-up, marketing, client-care, etc.

We highlight the following areas of our firm for their importance in our daily activity:

“IKD” (Internal knowledge department)

It is dedicated to the update, improvement and perfecting of the knowledge and technical competence of the professionals of the firm. The IKD actively collaborates with our internal regulatory, control and risk analysis department (DTS), as well as with the professionals dedicated to the training of external professionals who require our services.

“DTS” (client follow-up department)

Created to ensure compliance with the professional rules applicable to our work – in direct co-ordination with the internal legal department of REPRESENTA – this department carries out an essential function in the analysis of possible objections to client admittance, as well as the detection of possible contingencies.

The DTS periodically revises the risk level assumed in the provision of services to third parties, as well as the potential existence of incompatibilities or conflicts of interest, and it is the team in charge of determining the mechanisms of guarantee which may be required vis-à-vis potential client’s liabilities.

“DNA” (department of notifications and documental archive)

It is composed of support staff specialised in document management and archive and it is an essential department in the management of the instrumental support services of REPRESENTA. It is in charge of the processing and filing of notifications of clients who have requested our specific representation and notification services.